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1st Test Was a Success

If you’re here reading this blog, you probably don’t have a whole ton of information regarding this young salsa company.  We’re 4 Aces Salsa & Food, we make Salsa, Ketchup, and BBQ sauce.  At this stage of the game, we’re still testing recipes and finding what works and what will makes us unique to the market/consumers.  Well, today was a huge day for that.

I whipped up a test batch of our mild salsa last night and brought it into the office today for testing.  There are some savvy tongues around here and I was determined to get their honest opinions.  The results were overwhelming!  I served about 30 ozs of Salsa to 11 people and they couldn’t get enough.  The salsa needs some tweaking, like a little extra salt and a little more of this and that, but the overwhelming majority found it to be, in their words, “INCREDIBLE!  DELCIOUS!  REAL GOOD!”

I’ll take it!  Looks like we’ll be able to lock down the Mild recipe a little sooner than later.  Going to run more test groups this week and weekend to see how it performs overall.

What’s the goal for production?  Have a product ready for sales by April 12th or sooner.  Will also need to work on learning the canning/jarring process to get the salsa packaged, as well as make the labels.  I may outsource the labels to Dark Grey Media, which might make this whole enterprise a little less busy for me.  🙂

Well, that’s the news for today…Test Group A loved it!